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Not only do we fund raise, but we've also partnered with Threads for Education to create a volunteer trip to bring qualified volunteers to Ghana to experience the education system and show the impact of our donations. 

Another way you can get involved is volunteering for future events. Contact us and we will get you connected with an event near you!


We create fun fundrasiers that are repeatable for any college club, highschool club, sports team, etc. to allow others to easily participate in being the change the world needs in education.


We are spreading our word through passionate groups of students, teachers and educators all over the country. Are you interested in bringing One Thread to your school?


We are connected with Educators and tutors across the United States to help fundraise and spread awareness of our mission. We speak at assemblies at all different schools to educate children about the amazing opportunity they have going to a school in the United States and how they can participate in helping children just like themselves to get a quality education. 

We are also creating a network of tutors that are interested in donating a portion of their work to The One Thread Foundation. Contact us if this is something you are interested in or if you would like to learn more.

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